Why the need for Uninterruptible Power?

frustrated computer user

Imagine for just a moment, what happens when the power to your computer system fails, even for just a fraction of a second.

All the days work …..

That you were working on…..
But had not saved just ….
Your employee records, your Accounts Payable entries for the day your franchise operations reports ….

Any interruption of the electrical supply will interfere with the operation of your computer, potentially resulting in loss of data, corruption of files, hardware damage, not to mention

expense and inconvenience.

By now you may be thinking - I have good power, this does not apply to me.
Wrong !!!

Many computer system failures are brought about because of power quality problems, not just electrical power events. Our electricity providers, despite best efforts, cannot guarantee the quality of supply and every day the power we use is subject to surges, spikes, noise and other problems that can be harmful to our sensitive electronic equipment.


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