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eProphet.NET is a complete franchise restaurant management solution for quick service restaurant franchise (QSR) and retail franchise operations. The franchise restaurant software system design has been built up from the ground level to mesh and integrate seamlessly with a variety of franchise business models and be individualised to the needs of the franchise business environment in which it is applied.

eProphet.NET franchise restaurant software system provides the means to apply a systematic approach to cash and inventory management, sales data analysis, ordering procedures, staff rostering and labour usage. By providing accurate information to your management team, losses will be minimised and your bottom line will be improved.

The eProphet.NET back-office solution is a collection of powerful software modules that exchange data between them. Repetitive data entry tasks common in other competing systems are virtually eliminated by this shared data approach. This modular approach also allows eProphet.NET to be largely customised to the needs of the business model.

The eProphet.NET system is highly adjustable, scalable and includes all the tools you need to control and manage a successful quick service operation.


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Franchise Management Software - Overview

franchise management system overview

The Central system is the primary data warehouse that integrates the various modules of the eProphet.NET system. Central is designed to remove the duplication of shared data and contains many of the day-to-day functions such as store open and close checklists, manager’s diary and calendar, internal staff memo system, projected sales forecasting, day-part sales reporting and a comprehensive sales ledger.
Cash Control
Cash Control system provides a simple to use set of procedures and tools to automatically download sales transaction data from the POS and allow cash counted to be easily balanced against the expected deposits. Deposit pickup recording, employee cash handling and safe/float amount control are all easily tracked and reported through the Cash system.
Inventory System provides inventory management tools necessary to maintain and control all stock movements in your restaurant. The eProphet inventory system enables you to accurately manage the diversified menu and supply needs of your store for analysis, providing a business tool designed to optimise the utilisation and cost of inventory. The eProphet.NET Inventory System's comprehensive list of management tools includes an advanced inventory usage projection system that eliminates the need for guesswork when ordering from your suppliers.
Daily Labour
The Daily Labour system, when teamed with Abcom's LabourGuard intelligent time-clock performs automatic entry of employee shift clockings directly into eProphet.NET. These clockings are then reviewed for exceptions and reported on to show current store labour levels and costs throughout the day. When the payroll period is complete, eProphet.NET Daily Labour connects to the Abcom Payroll administration software for highly automated payroll processing.
Employee Scheduling
The Employee Scheduling system provides facilities to create and manage the day-to-day rostering of your employees. It enables you to employ a highly configurable Schedule automation process to produce detailed Schedule plans quickly and easily, and when combined with eProphet.NET's advanced projections system, Employee Scheduling ensures you always have the right person, in the right place, at the right time - no guesswork needed.

Franchise Mangement Software Features

Streamlined Entry Processes Streamlined Entry Processes

eProphet.NET automatically downloads 95% of operational data through electronic connections with your POS, time clock and the internet. User data entry is primarily required as a data confirmation and validate step. To streamline these daily data entry operations, eProphet.NET incorporates sophisticated user-centred data entry processes. Data is entered in a logical order to the user (not the computer), which means managers spend less time behind the computer and more time on the floor running the store.

Context Sensitive Help Context Sensitive Help

eProphet.NET has a fully integrated Windows™ help system which can be accessed from anywhere within the program. The help system provides program assistance to everyday usage and is an excellent quick 'refresher' utility for store managers.

Help system activation is easy and area context sensitive - meaning that the help information that is displayed first to you is the most relevant to where you are in the program at that moment. Each help document also contains links to other relevant documents and related 'How To' instructional documents.

Web Communications Web Communications

eProphet.NET is fully Web Enabled and is capable of downloading information and data via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Internet. This special type of connection is used in a number of ways throughout the eProphet.NET system:

User Ordered Data Listing User Ordered Data Listing

eProphet.NET provides advanced data listing facilities and control. Data lists on screen can be ordered by a particular column to help you locate critical information quickly and precisely. Single items in a list can be found instantly by using our new character-sensitive access mode.

System Security System Security

eProphet.NET operates within a user/password secure environment. This ensures that only authorised users may access the system. Furthermore, user codes are attached to system changes and actions so that accountability can be determined if problems should arise.

Timeclock Communications Timeclock Communications

eProphet.NET is fully equipped to download labour clockings from a digital time clock (as opposed to keyboard entry). Although the Abcom LabourGuard time clock is recommended for this task, eProphet.NET may also download clockings from other time clocks where such an interface is available and feasible.

Extensive Franchise Business Reporting Options

eProphet.NET can display information in a host of reporting formats. All reports can be text searched and printed to any windows compatible printer.

Below is a sample of the report options available:

eProphet.NET Central

  • Comprehensive Sales Ledger
  • Operations Snapshot
  • Tasks and Diary Entry Listing
  • Store Party Form
  • Cashier Summary & Cash Handling Reports
  • Safe Control and Deposit Listing Reports

Cash Control

  • POS Detail Reports
  • Daily Cash Sheets

Daily Labour

  • Labour Cost Reports by Day and Shift
  • Clocking Change and Audit Reports
  • Payroll Overview
  • Employee Phone and Detail Listings
  • Timeclock Number Listings

Inventory Control

  • Multiple Cycle Waste and Stock-take Sheets
  • Product and Recipe Item Listings
  • Sales Analysis
  • Item and Yield Variance Reports
  • Inventory Movements and Ending Inventory
  • Stock Usage Reports
  • Promo and Waste Reports
  • Profit Analysis Reports
  • Quality Costing Reports
  • Accounting Summary

Employee Scheduling

  • Displayable Employee Weekly Shifts Listing
  • Station Assignments
  • Manager's Line Bar Summary
  • Schedule Review and Warning Reports
  • Skill and Skill Pool Analysis
  • Standard Shift Listings
  • Projected Labour Costing Reports
  • Employee Age and Utilisation Analysis
  • Actual Employee Availability Listings
  • Take Home Schedule Shift Slips


Extend Franchise Management System

Unlock The Potential Of Franchise Management Software

eProphet.NET's already wide functionality base can be further extended by a number of different value-added components.

The already powerful eProphet Franchise solution can be expanded even further through a number of key extensions.

These add ons enable both small and enterprise franchise operators alike to better tailor eProphet to their needs.

Abcom Business Intelliegence Service (ABI) Abcom Business Intelliegence Service (ABI)

The Abcom Business Intelliegence Service (ABI) is a new value-added module that can be integrated into your existing Franchise Management Software system. It enables new Product and Raw Items to be automatically added to your Back Office System (BOS) for you in a matter of seconds.

The Abcom Business Intelligence Service extension is an enterprise level application that provides the ability to synchronise multiple site BOS Inventory Systems. Abcom Business Intelliegence Service is the solution to ensuring chain or franchise wide inventory consistency for accurate stock usage tracking, ordering and reporting.

Unlike other Central File Mainatenance (CFM) systems, Abcom Business Intelliegence Service is an interactive two way CFM system where the store receives the new CFM data from the CFM administrator and the CFM administrator receives feedback from the store alerting the CFM administrator to any setup issues immediately.

Abcom Invitbox Connect - Electronic Invoice Import Abcom Invitbox Connect - Electronic Invoice Import

The eProphet.NET Stock System can be upgraded to automatically receive invoices from an Internet/FTP capable supplier. Once an approved interface routine is developed, invoices from that supplier are automatically downloaded and entered into the stock system at the touch of a button, removing the need for manual entry where human error can compromise data entry (especially on complex stock orders).

Cloud Services Cloud Services

Take BOS to the cloud; empowering your IT solution further, providing better connectivity with employees, emergency data recovery and enterprise wide reporting to guide your business decisions, help maintain profitability focus and assist with future strategic planning.

icon pos POS Equipment

NCR Aloha Point of Sale delivers a powerful, robust and intuitive Point of Sale (POS) solution to your business. Built upon decades of QSR experience and utilising the very latest in POS hardware from Senor, NCR Aloha Point of Sale is tailor-made to meet the specialised requirements of the QSR industry and integrates seamlessly with the BOS

Franchise Management Software
BOS Stocktake App.

Perform stocktaking on your mobile smart phone or tablet any place, any time

stocktake on the go Stocktake on the Go

The Abcom eProphet is a portable device app that allows you to perform stocktakes on a modern smart phone or tablet and then sync those stock counts recorded in the app back to your store BOS via the internet. There is no need to print out stocktake sheets, just create your stocktake and download it to your device in just seconds

stocktake app quick setup Quick Setup

A eProphet enabled site can get up and running fast. There are no messy user accounts and passwords, simply create a unique PIN for a device that is trusted and then simply enter the PIN for the stocktake to be performed on that device. Once a device is trusted then it can be used for stocktaking until it is disabled in the BOS.

Stocktake data sharing Data Sharing

Should one employee only partially complete a stocktake, they can upload progress so far and another employee with eProphet can download the stocktake in progress and continue work on it.

Stocktake app compatibility Compatibility

The eProphet Stocktake app is designed to run on all modern Apple and Android smart phone and tablet devices.

Stocktake offline operations Offline Operation

eProphet Stocktaking only needs internet access to download latest stocktake data and upload counts, which means you can perform stocktakes in any stocktake location regardless of current internet connection status.

Stocktake  auto save Auto Save

There is no need to manually save after each item is counted; all stocktaking entry is saved to the local device as you go, meaning you won’t lose data if your device runs out of batteries mid count

suite integration Suite Integration

The BOSAPP seamlessly interfaces with the eProphet Stock system, using all your stock counting rules and item setups to calculate stock totals as you go.

Built-in Calculator Built-in Calculator

eProphet stocktake count entry screen includes an additional calculator for performing further arithmetic on the fly and transferring the calculated value to the current count field.

Reduced Chart Of Accounts Reduced Chart Of Accounts (COA)

eProphet Stocktake will run on employee’s smart phones, eliminating the need for additional and expensive specialised stocktaking hardware prone to employee damage and abuse.

NIL Counting NIL Counting

eProphet Stocktake app allows you to flag items as candidates for removal from the stocktake as you go to help improve efficiency in future stocktaking. No further updating is required in item maintenance in the Back of Office (BOS) afterwards to update your next stocktake.

one-device-many-stores One Device, Many Stores

A smart device with the eProphet Stocktake app can be registered with multiple stores, allowing a manager that moves between stores to perform stocktakes for multiple sites with ease.

Stocktake Security & Confidentiality Security & Confidentiality

Abcom systems are built with proven security technology. All BOS system interaction is restricted and logged by user accounts configured by you and only actively registered devices may perform stocktakes via the BOSAPP for your store.

Stocktake quick navigation Quick Navigation

The BOSAPP has been designed with speed of navigation in mind. The user can easily jump forwards and backwards through items and back up from a stocktake location through finger swiping.

BOSAPP Stocktable App Brochure BOSAPP Stocktable App Brochure

BOS APP - Stocktake App Brochure (.144 mb).

Franchise BOS Stocktake App Visual Tour

View the following visual tour to get a glimpse at the franchise management software stocktake app.


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