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Another alert from our buddies over at Trend Micro: Read more..

fine foods convention september 2015

Franchise software at the Fine Foods Convention September 2015 Sydney Read more..

McDonalds Licensee Gold Coast Convention May 2015

Abcom at the Franchisee McDonald’s Owner Operator Convention May 2015 on the Gold Coast Read more..

McDonalds Licensee Gold Coast Convention May 2015

Abcom at the Franchisee McDonald’s Owner Operator Convention May 2015 on the Gold Coast. Monday 11th May 2015 what went on at the ladies luncheon Read more..

The Office of State Revenue (OSR) Scam

SDRO does not issue penalty notices or penalty reminder notices by email. The office of state revenue is urging people to show caution regarding these infrigement notice emails Read more..

NCR logo

Franchisees Abcom is very pleased to announce that it is now an authorised hospitality solutions provider for NCR Point of Sale hardware and software. . Read more..

Browser shortcut keys

Browser shortcut keys

Current web browsers are designed to allow you to view multiple websites within one window. Please find a short list of the most commonly used shortcuts that you might not already know about:

Ctrl+T - Open a new browsing tab
Ctrl+Shift+T - Closed a browser tab by accident? No problems, this will bring it back
Ctrl+Tab - Switch between your open tabs
Ctrl+Click - Click on a link to open in a new tab

Why the need for Uninterruptible Power?

Imagine for just a moment, what happens when the power to your computer system fails, even for just a fraction of a second.

That file you had open….. Were working on….. Had not saved recently…. GONE!!! Read more..

List of the Most Common Passwords

Here are some of the 15 most popular passwords used in 2013. Read more..

McDonald's Drummoyne

Franchisee John Ciske owner of McDonald's Drummoyne speaks out about Abcom "I have been using Abcom’s quick service restaurant management software systems since the 1980's while senior manager with Warren Marks." Read more..

changing face of the Quick Service Restaurant

Today more than ever before the Franchise QSR industry is one constantly marked by massive change and constant innovation. The tools once used to answer the multi-billion dollar question, “Where will we eat today?” Read more..

Franchising Expo June 2013 - Sydney Franchising Convention

A great opportunity for Abcom to be able to speak face to face with franchisors all together at the convention has been incredibly valuable. Read more..

The Coffee Club at Rouse Hill and Castle Towers

The Coffee Club at Rouse Hill and Castle Towers in Sydney's west have recently commenced using Abcom's LabourGuard intelligent time clock systems. Read more..

Importance of Managing Your Cash Flow

Cash comes in from customers or clients that purchase your products or services. If customers do not pay at the time of purchase then some of your cash flow will then arrive in from the collections of accounts receivable. Read more..

What is a UPS and why would you need one?

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a very simple and yet important device that every computer owner should consider purchasing. It is simply a large battery (round half the size of a car battery) that plugs into the wall power supply. Read more..

Will Technology replace Wait Staff?

“Hospitality sector seeks to cut penalty rates May 01, 2012” ABC news
Airlines, Banks, Supermarkets have been actively pursuing innovative and cost effective ways to reduce their labour costs and reduce their work force for many years. Read more..

virus detected

What is a pop-ups, pop under, trojan-horse, worm, adware malware and spyware? Do you know the difference between a virus and a worm? We will endeavour describe these things in some detail; help you to learn how to prevent them, and even how to remove them! Read more..

Costing your Restaurant Menu

Creating a menu for your restaurant can be enjoyable experience; it can also be a chore especially when you do not have to the correct tools with which to work. Chefs often liken it to picking out names for a new baby. Read more..

How to Control Cash Handling

Perhaps you have heard it said that 25% of restaurant employees are honest all the time, 50% are honest most of the time and remaining 25% are dishonest to the bone and will steal every time they are presented with the opportunity. Read more..

Employee Scheduling

"American Football Coach, Tom Landry once said, "Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan." Like most business you are probably experience peaks and lows in your hours of trading? Could your business benefit from knowing exactly how many employees you actually require on the floor to handle those peaks and then down time periods? If you answered yes, then Read more..

Backing up eProphet.NET and eProphet Accounting Systems

All computer owners are quite unique and their approach to backups may well be as just as unique.   We have prepared this article for our franchise management software eProphet.NET users and we will detail a number of different methods, options and explanations for backing up your critical data and personal items. Read more..

food cost control

Controlling your food costs starts with good inventory organisation and control. It has been found that a reduction in inventory levels and better organisation of food storage areas can have a significant reduction in food costs. There is a simple management saying: When you have excess and disorganisation you will have waste. Read more..

Labourguard Timeclock

The Coffee Club at Rouse Hill and Castle Towers in Sydney's west have recently commenced using Abcom's LabourGuard intelligent time clock systems. Read more..

eProphet Accounts Payable

Abcom's franchise accounting system is now available to all "eProphet" and "eBOS" sites throughout Australia. The full system adds our new generation Accounts Payable, Account Reconciliation, General Ledger and Financial Reporting functions to eProphet Payroll to provide the ultimate single, integrated accounting systems package. Read more..


Abcom has recently made available its franchise timeclock to users with an optional feature that restricts an employee’s ability to clock on too early for scheduled shifts.. Read more..

scheduling timeclock payroll package

Abcom’s new franchise software Labour & Scheduling package is proving extremely popular with franchise Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), Café and Licensed Restaurant owners. When combined with our highly successful franchise Timeclock system, our clients are experiencing reductions in labour and food costs. Read more..

timeclock labourGuard

Abcom franchise timeclock called LabourGuard is an employee time & attendance recording facility that incorporates features to avoid unintended movement into overtime penalty situations that can so easily occur with Australia’s recent workplace arrangements. Read more..

eProphet.NET QSR Software

eProphet.NET is a complete quick service restaurant management software solution for quick service restaurants, hospitality and retail operations. Our QSR software has been built from the ground up to mesh and integrate seamlessly with a variety of business models and individualised to the needs of the QSR international environment as applied. Read more..


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