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Abcom Business Intelligence Service

The Abcom Business Intelligence (ABI) allows you to collect, analyse and report essential strategic information from multiple eProphet store systems to guide your business decisions, help maintain profitability focus and assist with future strategic planning.

Abcom Business Intelligence minimizes user bias to produce the desired high-quality results that clients are after to run their business.

Abcom Business Intelligence collects consistent data to give our clients the competitive advantage and it is 100% electronic.

It allows your franchise store data to become cross-store comparable, portable and highly customisable.

How Abcom Business Intelligence Works

electronic data collection overview

The service requires no installation, nor does it require any operation on your behalf.
Once the service is activated the collated enterprise reports are delivered to you via your preferred delivery method every morning.

Abcom Business Intelligence Easy to Use Easy to Use

No data entry is required at store level by managers. The Abcom Business Intelligence (ABI) service is operated by a simple point and click of the mouse.

Eliminates the need for administration staff to collect, collate and present data in other forms such as spreadsheets, thereby saving time and most importantly, improving the accuracy of the information. Furthermore, you have no need to be involved in the administration of the service. You only have to check your email or fax machine each morning.

Abcom Business Intelligence In-Depth Reporting and Flexibility In-Depth Reporting and Flexibility

Abcom Business Intelligence reports have been created from years of industry experience and provide detailed analysis on all the necessary information for controlling your business and making key strategic decisions for the future.

The types of reports include:- comparisons of this year vs last year and trend analysis of KPIs such as sales, labour, waste, food cost and profit and loss, detailed promotional and value meal analysis, daily, weekly and monthly analysis, detailed day part sales analysis.

The service also includes the option to have user-defined reports and graphs. (These can be customised to the user's specifications).

Abcom Business Intelligence Security and Portability Security and Portability

The data from the stores is securely transmitted via broadband data links to the Abcom Business Intelligence network on a daily basis.

The collated data is then sent to you via email (or fax) to whatever location you require. Emailed reports are in HTML format, so you can view your reports on any PC that can view a web/internet page. This means when you are on your holidays you can visit any Internet café or use your own laptop from your hotel room to view your current KPI's.

Abcom Business Intelligence - What you may not see CAN hurt you!

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