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Franchise Cloud Services

Cloud Services for franchisees is a cloud based framework through which you can utilise a range of powerful apps that extend the functionality of your eProphet Store and eProphet Admin sites. Empowering your IT solution further by providing better connectivity with employees, emergency data recovery and enterprise wide reporting to guide your business decisions, help maintain profitability focus and assist with future strategic planning.

Abcom Cloud Services represent an ever expanding range of exciting bolt-on apps that take your business data connectivity to a whole new level. Cloud services does not require for you to install any special franchise software; you simply access them anywhere and anytime from any internet connected device.

What is the cloud?

The cloud is a common term to describe a new form of internet based computing. With the advent of modern web server technology, faster internet connections and growing online data storage services, has come the ability to run software on remote computers over the internet as if the software was installed on your very own machine. This is also called cloud computing.

How does the cloud benefit me?

The key advantage of the cloud computing approach to your Franchise Restaurant is that your eProphet franchise software can be operated from any computer with a broadband internet connection, meaning there is no need to install anything on a local computer; all that is required is the ability to connect to the virtual cloud server hosting your eProphet software. This makes cloud computing a very attractive option to users who want fast setup times coupled with ability to access software from any place at any time. Furthermore, as all the processing is performed on the virtual PC, complex software calculations can be run very quickly on older devices.



eProphet Admin installed on each device. Each device can be networked.

Standard Setup


eProphet Admin accessed from each device via an internet connection.

Cloud Setup

Is the cloud right for me?

If you have a fast, reliable internet connection and you would like the ability to access your eProphet Accounting and Payroll systems from multiple devices in multiple locations then eProphet Cloud is likely to be a good fit for your usage requirements. If you prefer software to be installed on your local office computer or laptop or you cannot guarantee you will have an adequate internet connection wherever you may be then a traditional software installation mode might be more appropriate.

Regardless of which method you would like to move forwards with now, we offer both methods of operation to you always and it's easy to change from one to the other giving you a choice of software operation methods.

Couple this with our Software as a Service license model and you have the most powerful Franchise Restaurant software at your finger tips when and where you need it without any significant outlay.


More Ways Franchise Cloud Services
Can BenefitYou?

configerable Configurability, Accessibility, Scalability
All Franchise Cloud Service apps are configurable by you to operate how you want and deliver information how you want. You can access them anywhere and anytime, so even when you are away from your business you can still keep your finger on the pulse. Additionally, as your business grows, cloud based computing easily allows the processing power and storage requirements of your apps to scale as needed on demand; there's no expensive capital outlay on IT infrastructure at the start and no bottlenecks in expansion.

Extend eTeam
The Online Scheduling cloud app enables two way, web based interaction with employees and work schedules. Weekly schedules are uploaded from the Franchise Store Scheduling system to a private Abcom Cloud Services website with relevant employees being notified via email of their published or changed shifts. Additionally, employees can log onto the Abcom Cloud Services website, view their payslips, view and update their details and preferred availabilities with automatic download back to the store for the scheduling manager to review.

localisation Flexible Currency and Language
Abcom Cloud Services support international franchises - apps can be configured to process, share and display data from one end of the Franchise QSR operation to the other regardless of each user operating language, currency and time zone.

Extend Offsite Data Backups
What happens to your business data if disaster dtrikes your business? Having mission critical business data routinely and securely backed up to cloud based storage via the Offsite Data Backup cloud services app offers a key part of your business emergency data recovery plan.

user User Access
User access for your business can be configured how you need it. Different levels of access can be set for the franchisor, franchisees, head office, managers and individual employees. Users are then able to log on an update their details easily and quickly.

pproductivity Productivity
In addition to all the features above, this system is coupled with powerful out-of-the-box productivity features such as configurable system open and close processes, internal memos, one off and recurring tasks, special event tracking, an operations diary and a whole lot more. It's all part of helping improve and streamline your day to day operations.

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