Franchise Software Licensing

Software as a Service.

Our most common arrangement is to license usage of our franchise software on a Software as a Service basis. As such there are no large up-front costs for our franchise software - our licences are pay by the month. It doesn't matter if you are a large chain or a brand new startup, this one aspect of our pricing means a lot to your cash flow. It also means that changing from a competitors system that's disappointing you - doesn't equate to enormous investment.

Pay only for what you need.

Our products are organized into logical groups. This allows you to start off in a particular area - then to expand your usage into other areas - at your own pace, when you are ready. What this means is that if you only need certain parts of our system then that's what you pay for.

Unlimited end users.

We don't charge per active user of the franchise software, only per sales location. So regardless of how many users you have at each restaurant - the monthly charge is the same - whether you have one user or dozens of users.

Multiple site discount.

Discounts are available where a large number of outlets are involved - eg Company owned & operated restaurants.

Update Policy

Under your SaaS license - routine updates of our systems are automatically delivered to you over the life of a product license. That's right, we don't charge you any (sneaky) additional charges for necessary new versions for tax & similar statutory updates needed.

All inclusive technical support.

All of our Standard Licenses include dedicated live telephone support for technical problems at no charge. That means no "self help" websites, no gigantic manuals - when you have a problem, you get the exact answer you need from a trained consultant, when you need it. You won't be speaking to an outsourced third party help desk either, you'll be speaking to the support team that connects directly with the development team that builds the product.

User support & training.

Any Standard Abcom Product License can be upgraded to a Premium License for a small extra charge. Premium License users benefit from the very best comprehensive remote user support and training we offer. It provides you with access to our most senior QSR experienced support staff who can provide business level guidance on how to solve particular business challenges such as QSR operational and financial issues.

Hardware integration - made easy.

Abcom's systems already integrate with a significant variety of POS and timeclock peripherals but, if required, our systems can easily integrate to most other systems in the field with minimal customisation. Once initial integration with pre-existing POS systems is finalised, there is no additional cost to individual franchisees that go onto it. We feel that interfacing together correctly is part and parcel of us providing you with solutions, not problems.


Help us help you

As an Abcom system license holder, that license gives you the right to let your voice be heard on our products and what features you want to see in them. We're not a reseller, we build all of our own systems, which means you can communicate directly with the development team behind the scenes about your ideas. We're confident no other QSR systems developer listens more closely to their customers than Abcom.


The bottom line.

It's what matters most, and we always strive to ensure that on an apples to apples basis - our systems will prove to be the most cost effective in the industry. Our experience shows that with efficient systems - our franchise software will generate major cost efficiencies in your business.


Abcom Support

Remote Support
It is recommended that you use Microsoft Internet Explorer to launch remote support.