Franchise Accounts Payable Software with Invitbox Integration

Change The Way You Process Bills Forever

Abcom franchise software eProphet Accounts Payable with Invitbox replaces and improves upon the traditional Accounts Payable process.

Designed and built in Australia, invitbox uses world-first technology and IP to extract data from supplier bills* with 100% accuracy. All of the data, including line-item information.

It is a cloud-based service, with $0 upfront costs and no ongoing maintenance or storage fees. You simply pay a small monthly fee based on the volume of the bills you want to process.

It can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection.

Invitbox sits between your suppliers and your Abcom eProphet Accounts Payable software. It provides automatic receipt and data-extraction from bills, an intuitive and flexible approvals process, price checking, full audit-trail and much more.

It gives immediate visibility on bills, right down to line item and unit-price level.

Bills are presented to users through the invitbox website, so from any computer or tablet-device, at work or at home, users can immediately check, approve and process them

Invitbox presents the original bill and all its extracted data within seconds of it being sent by the supplier. With workflows that can easily be tailored to suit your business requirements, a few clicks of a big green button can have the bill and the data automatically posted into your Abcom Accounts Payable System.

Whatever you can do with a bill in the paper world, you can do in invitbox, plus a lot more.

Add notes. Dispute them. Reject them. Forward them to other persons for their approval. Get multiple approvals if that’s what you want.

No more gathering paper up at one location for postage to another. No more scanning. No more filing.

No more price checking against agreed price lists. No more overcharging.

Just Receive, Approve & Import

receive invoices invitbox


Email invoices are sent or forwarded to Invitbox

icon invitbox approve invoices


Log into Invitbox, review and approve invoices

icon invitbox approve invoices


Approved imvoices are imported directly into eProphet Accounts Payable

PDF Bills

It’s this simple.

All a supplier needs to do is email their bills to your account - just their system’s standard bill in pdf format. Invitbox costs your supplier nothing so onboarding them is a breeze.

Invitbox uses it’s own proprietary data extraction technology to extract data from pdf bills within seconds with 100% accuracy.

Suppliers without an accounts package can simply use one of the many free electronic billing services to generate pdf bills, or alternatively use a free pdf printer.

Anyone can send a bill as a pdf.


1 – 4 approvers, the choice is yours. Invitbox automatically puts bills in front of the users whose job it is to approve them. Users only see bills that are relevant to them, all the way through to the filing cabinet.

Invitbox even allows you to send a bill to an external party for their validation.

Each step along the way, invitbox allows the user to edit the invoice details, content or General Ledger code, with each change or action in the approvals process being recorded in a detailed audit trail.

Paper Bills

If you are still receiving some paper bills, invitbox can handle those for you too. Simply scan them or snap them with your smart-phone, email them to your invitbox account, then shred them.

Invitbox then allows you to manually enter them or have invitbox or your external accountant/bookkeeper enter them for you.

This is a perfect expense management tool. Imagine, no more wallets full of receipts.

Import to Abcom eProphet Accounts Payable System

Invitbox takes the hard work out of getting your data into your Abcom eProphet Accounts Payable software.

Filing Cabinet

Once you have exported your bills into Abcom system, Invitbox files all of them securely for you in an intuitive online filing cabinet accessible from anywhere.

Imagine being able to search through all your previous bills at the touch of a button. No more trips to warehouses or into dusty storage rooms.

Price Checking

Worried about being over-charged by your suppliers? Invitbox can automatically price check any item you buy for you.

Simply load up your agreed pricing with the supplier product code and invitbox will ensure you never get overcharged again.


Invitbox’s cloud-based storage means that you can share your bills with bookkeepers, accountants, owners or advisors with absolute ease and total security.

Save hassles, time, money and the environment

No more missing bills

With Abcom & Invitbox, you will never lose a supplier bill ever again. Each bill is date and time stamped when it is received so there will be no more argument as to when you got a bill. And with the audit trail you can see when bills were approved, and who approved them.

Price-checking re overcharging

Invitbox allows you to upload agreed supplier price-lists and will automatically check each unit price to ensure you are not being overcharged.

Early settlement discounts

By processing bills faster and in real time you can start to avail of early settlement discounts offered by your suppliers.

Carbon footprint

Worldwide each year 42 million trees are felled in order to make the paper onto which bills are printed. And that doesn’t take into consideration the envelope and the carbon generated by their delivery.

Going digital is both good for your bottom-line and good for the environment.

Whether you are a standalone business or a group, Abcom & Invitbox can provide you with the tools to change the way your Accounts Payable function in managed.

At Abcom, we know the inefficiencies that data-entry and paper handling brings. That is why we recommend invitbox as part of our solution.

Slash the cost of AP processing

What is the total cost of your manual data-entry and your paper chase?

Wages. Office space. Photocopying. Emailing. File storage.

Abcom and Invitbox can process your bills for a fraction of what it is costing you now, faster and more accurately. For a low cost per bill invitbox extracts all the data, including product code, quantity and unit price if required.


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