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The World Class Franchise Admin System

The eProphet Administration suite delivers comprehensive accounting and payroll to your QSR operation. When paired to the eProphet BOS, data moves seamlessly between the store and your administration, taking the hard work out of managing your day-to-day QSR enterprise.

eProphet Payroll

eProphet Payroll is a powerful, robust and feature-rich payroll solution tailor-made for the QSR industry. Built upon standards proven through over 20 years of field operation, eProphet Payroll allows you to easily process employee payments whilst adhering to the complex landscape of payroll laws and regulations. Learn more Blue Forward Arrow

franchise payroll system
franchise accounts payable system

eProphet Accounts Payable

eProphet Accounts Payable integrates perfectly with the eProphet store BOS to easily transfer all invoices and deposits directly to your administration for processing according to your business rules. It"s the most streamlined solution available to manage your creditor and bank reconciliation tasks on time and with the absolute minimum of administration overhead. Learn more Blue Forward Arrow

eProphet General Ledger

eProphet General Ledger has been designed to meet the specific accounting needs and requirements of the QSR industry. It provides extensive but easy-to-use facilities to maintain a comprehensive ledger and produce a range of key reports right out of the box. Journal entry generation can be automated and configured exactly how you need to get the most out of your system as fast as possible. Learn more Blue Forward Arrow

franchise general ledger system

franchise cloud system

eProphet Cloud

eProphet Admin can now run in the cloud giving you access to a virtual computing solution when you are on the move. The flexibility and power of the cloud at your finger tips. Learn more Blue Forward Arrow


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