Franchise Management Software Business Reporting

eProphet.NET can display information in a host of reporting formats. All reports can be text searched and printed to any windows compatible printer.

Below is a sample of the report options available:

eProphet.NET Central

  • Comprehensive Sales Ledger
  • Operations Snapshot
  • Tasks and Diary Entry Listing
  • Store Party Form
  • Cashier Summary & Cash Handling Reports
  • Safe Control and Deposit Listing Reports

Cash Control

  • POS Detail Reports
  • Daily Cash Sheets

Daily Labour

  • Labour Cost Reports by Day and Shift
  • Clocking Change and Audit Reports
  • Payroll Overview
  • Employee Phone and Detail Listings
  • Timeclock Number Listings

Inventory Control

  • Multiple Cycle Waste and Stock-take Sheets
  • Product and Recipe Item Listings
  • Sales Analysis
  • Item and Yield Variance Reports
  • Inventory Movements and Ending Inventory
  • Stock Usage Reports
  • Promo and Waste Reports
  • Profit Analysis Reports
  • Quality Costing Reports
  • Accounting Summary

Employee Scheduling

  • Displayable Employee Weekly Shifts Listing
  • Station Assignments
  • Manager's Line Bar Summary
  • Schedule Review and Warning Reports
  • Skill and Skill Pool Analysis
  • Standard Shift Listings
  • Projected Labour Costing Reports
  • Employee Age and Utilisation Analysis
  • Actual Employee Availability Listings
  • Take Home Schedule Shift Slips

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