Franchise Management Software eProphet.NET Value Added Components

eProphet.NET's already wide functionality base can be further extended by a number of different value-added components.

eProphet.NET CFM

The eProphet.NET Central File Maintenance system (eP CFM) is a new value-added module that can be integrated into your existing eProphet.NET system. It enables new Product and Raw Items to be automatically added to your eProphet.NET BackOffice system for you in a matter of seconds.

Unlike other CFM systems, Abcom's eProphet.NET CFM is an interactive two way CFM system where the store receives the new CFM data from the CFM administrator and the CFM administrator receives feedback from the store alerting the CFM administrator to any setup issues immediately.

Abcom Invitbox Connect - Electronic Invoice Import

The eProphet.NET Stock System can be upgraded to automatically receive invoices from an Internet/FTP capable supplier. Once an approved interface routine is developed, invoices from that supplier are automatically downloaded and entered into the stock system at the touch of a button, removing the need for manual entry where human error can compromise data entry (especially on complex stock orders).

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