#1 - McDonald's Australia Franchise Case Study

Mcd Case Study

Case Study : McDonald's Australia

How Abcom helped McDonald's Australia standardise their QSR stores across Australia with the new Electronic Back Office System (eBOS), built on eProphet Store Suite technology.

The McDonald's Challenge

There is no need for introductions; McDonald's is one of, if not the largest and best performers in the QSR market.

Staying on top of the latest store POS and backoffice technology and achieving consistent and efficient store deployment is a constant challenge for any large chain and at the turn of the millennium, McDonald's Australia was faced with a dilemma of multiple back office vendor solutions in their business that could not integrate, blocking chain wide technology progression.

They needed a consistent tech platform that met comprehensive business and technical requirements - beyond the capability of any commercial off-the-shelf options. 

The Abcom Solution

From the very beginning Abcom understood McDonald's situation and the business impasses formed at behest of their inconsistent store technology platform. Abcom offered a clear solution and way forwards and after reviewing all the options, McDonald's Australia contacted and engaged with Abcom to go further.

Abcom recognised the depth of the project requirements and knew that a tailored eProphet store solution would meet McDonald's Australia's exact needs; providing the precise central technology component they required to achieve full integration with their supply chain and existing hardware.

Instrumental in a successful project pilot and phase one trial deployment across company owned stores, Abcom delivered above and beyond the expectations of McDonald's - ensuring ongoing commitment to long term outcomes. The combined experience, reputation and ability of Abcom partnered with McDonald's I.T. proved key in garnering the confidence of the remaining franchisee market for full chain deployment.

The project's success simply comes back to a forward thinking, progressive customer realising the key to meeting their technology goals was having the right people on the job and the right tools to get it done. McDonald's Australia, through collaboration with Abcom, was able to to tap into and leverage a massive wealth of QSR technology experience instantaneously. Abcom delivered the confidence business stakeholders needed that such a massive change could be as smooth and cost efficient as possible.

All McDonald's Australia stores are now using the customised eProphet eBOS solution, and they're lovin' it.

"The McDonald's eBOS project is a fantastic example of Abcom's hands-on approach to meeting specialised needs of enterprise level customers. We used the best technology, best practices and focused on real outcomes, progress and business value to McDonald's at all times."
JEREMY COOK, Software Development Manager, Abcom

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