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Our franchise timeclock is called LabourGuard

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Reduce Payroll Costs

By precisely recording employee clockings as they occur in the restaurant, LabourGuard dramatically improves the accuracy and reduces the costs of the whole payroll administration function as the data captured is electronically fed into the Abcom Payroll system with its unrivalled, automated award interpretation of Australian Awards and Workplace Agreements.

Eliminate Accidental Overtime Payments

LabourGuard’s Overtime Defence module requires manager override before an employee can clock in/out when those clockings would commence overtime or other penalties. This greatly reduces situations where being even a minute out can have a significant impact on Payroll Costs.

Improve Restaurant Operations

Use of the optional Scheduling Integration Module in LabourGuard can improve your restaurant operations by ensuring employees start, take breaks, and finish their shifts WHEN scheduled.

Minimise Legal Liability

LabourGuard promotes compliance with legislative restrictions on child employment. LabourGuard can thus protect your business from costly penalties that may otherwise occur.

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