Franchise Inventory Control Software Key Features

Watertight Inventory  Watertight Inventory

eProphet Inventory Control is built upon decades of industry experience and learning, enabling your QSR operation to accurately control your product costing, stock movement and ordering requirements. All sold and waste inventory is balanced against stocktakes and incoming deliveries to easily and quickly identify key inventory issues such as shrinkage, over or under ordering and excessive wastage. Make informed decisions about how to improve your inventory operation and run a leaner QSR operation. 

Your Business Rules  Your Business Rules 

You define what level of stock analysis is needed so you can focus your efforts on the areas that matter most to you. Stocktake and order when you like, how you like and work with any combination of raw item packaging inner units and variable yield stock items such as fries and soda mix. Menu products 'for sale' are set up with recipes as you specify, meaning food cost is calculated from the actual cost of items and not a rounded generic result, allowing meaningful analysis of product to raw item usage and costing across your entire inventory. 

Connectivity  Point of Sale (POS) Connectivity

eProphet Inventory Control automatically downloads menu usage (product mix) data from a wide range of POS systems including our powerful NCR Aloha Point of Sale solution. eProphet then analyses this data and, using powerful forecasting algorithms, identifies products sales trends to the 15 minute day part, hourly, daily, day-of-week, monthly and year. From this extremely accurate stock ordering requirements can be calculated. 

Advanced Ordering  Advanced Ordering

eProphet Inventory Control contains a powerful ordering system supporting multiple time cycles. Orders can be automatically generated based on usage per 1000 sales forecasts, or Par Level minimum order requirements set by you. For suppliers that support electronic invoicing, orders can be submitted via the internet to the supplier instantly and invoices automatically downloaded and transmitted to eProphet Accounts Payable - eliminating entry of order line items and double invoice entry at both the store and administration.

Chain Scalable  Chain Scalable

eProphet Inventory Control offers the power and reliability of offline software utilising the scalability of web cloud technology where beneficial to provide scalable features for larger, multi-store QSR operations. Facilities such as head office promotion tracking, store to store electronic stock transfers and the ability to receive standardised business-wide setup changes from an eProphet Central File Maintenance controller are all fundamental requirements of an enterprise QSR inventory solution.

Reduced Data Input  Reduced Data Input

The majority of work with any inventory IT solution is getting data into the system. eProphet Inventory Control can virtually eliminate manual data input by supporting electronic invoicing, central file maintenance of product and stock item setups, automatic reporting to the administration, automated POS data downloads and transfer of stocktake data from compatible mobile devices. Automating these tasks reduces human error and saves thousands of management hours per year, allowing you to spend more time driving the business from information rather than preparing the information.  

Profit Analysis  Profit Analysis

A true strength of eProphet Inventory Control is providing you with the ability to see where and how your QSR operation can be more profitable. Track the popularity of value meals/combos, compare buy costs of stock items between suppliers to negotiate more cost effective supply and most importantly view which products are the most profitable for you by volume, net profit margin on raw cost, or a combination of both. All the tools are there to help you make intelligent menu and product placement decisions, taking the guesswork out of your product strategy.

Reporting  Business Reporting

A comprehensive range of detailed reports are available that capture key totals and indicators; affording you important insight into your metrics by any date, period or year. All inventory movement and pricing point changes are historically tracked to ensure meaningful sales analysis accuracy in period-to-period comparison. Stocktake and waste sheets (if required) are easily maintained and produced.

Flexible to Change  Flexible to Change

An inventory system that does not support and facilitate constant change instead enforces frustrating limitations on how you manage your store. eProphet Inventory Control offers maximum flexibility to change whilst maintaining database and report consistency. Stock Items can easily be changed from one supplier item to another without having to change multiple product items using that Stock Item, price points can be changed without affecting previous period analysis, previous accounting periods can still be open to adjust even while another period is in operation, redundant stock items can even be purged from the system without affecting historical usage. Simply put, eProphet will keep up with any stock scenarios that evolve.

User Workflow   Intuitive User Workflow

Core eProphet functions are always mapped into user guided workflows that help the user perform tasks correctly and completely. Our simple interfaces allow you to reduce ramp up time of store managers on system operations. 

Localisation  Flexible Currency and Language

eProphet Inventory Control can be configured to handle any currency, language and sales tax configurations to meet the needs of the store operation in any country.

Suite Integration Suite Integration

eProphet Inventory Control setup can be driven from eProphet Central File Maintenance (CFM) to achieve multiple site consistency. Additional seamless integration with eProphet Cash Control allows automation population of the sales ledger with inventory totals with Inventory Control totals securely compiled and transmitted to the eProphet Accounts system, via Abcom Cloud Services. eProphet delivers full and automated connectivity, visibility and traceability of your store inventory operation to your P&L.

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dot net

Robust Technology

All eProphet systems are built using the highly acclaimed Microsoft� .NET� framework. The Microsoft� development platform is mature, robust and offers a massive range of advanced components and cutting edge functionality. In addition, adherence to strict Windows� development guidelines ensures that Abcom products offer long, productive life spans; representing a low risk, long term, quality software investment for your business.


Security and Confidentiality

Abcom systems are built with strong security for your peace of mind. All interaction with the system is restricted and logged by user account, configured however you so require. Additionally, all databases, data backups and data transmissions are 128bit encrypted to prevent unauthorised access from the outside.



In addition to all the features above, this system is coupled with powerful out-of-the-box productivity features such as configurable system open and close processes, internal memos, one off and recurring tasks, special event tracking, an operations diary and a whole lot more. It's all part of helping improve and streamline your day to day operations.

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