Franchise Labour Management Software Key Features:

Watertight Inventory Cost Accuracy
Labor clockings are interpreted according to the full complexities of your QSR employee payment award maintained at your payroll administration. As such, your store labor costings are extremely accurate, revealing the true efficiency of your staffing overhead vs sales. Additional features, such as salaried management cost averaging, prevent full time employees from determining individual rates of pay.

Your Business Rules Management Control 
Possible shift errors are highlighted and the store manager is able to completely review and rectify incorrect, invalid or incomplete clockings before release to the eProphet Payroll system. Employee leave and other absence details, schedule to actual shift variation reasons, employee meetings and additional notes to the payroll officer can all be recorded for submission to the administration.

 Connectivity  Timeclock Connectivity
Employee attendance clockings can be downloaded from a digital timeclock such as Abcom's LaborGuard smart clock, a number of other popular timeclock devices or software, or manually entered directly into the eProphet Labor system through a simple and intuitive entry interface. Shifts can be easily and logically split between days and pay periods for continuous operation stores.

Reduced Data Input Audit Trail
All downloaded employee attendance clockings and modifications are retained and timestamped to allow full auditing of labor data in case of mistakes during management review or shift tampering. In addition, finalised employee data and clockings are always encrypted using 128-bit encryption before transmission to ensure complete confidentiality of HR data.

Profit Analysis  Focus on Profitability 
eProphet Labor provides an absolute and true cost of your store labor, on demand. Quickly and easily see if you are over or under staffed in comparison to takings right down to a 15 minute window. Empower your store management to make accurate and informed decisions regarding staffing levels, saving you money and improving customer satisfaction over service times and efficiency.

Reporting Business Reporting
A comprehensive range of detailed reports are available that capture key totals and indicators; affording you important insight into your current period labor metrics. Adjust your labor operation with informed decisions based on real data. 

User Workflow Intuitive User Workflow
Core eProphet functions are always mapped into user guided workflows that help the user perform tasks correctly and completely. Our simple interfaces allow you to reduce ramp up time of store managers on system operations.

Localisation Flexible Currency and Language
eProphet Labor can be configured to handle any currency, language and employee award/agreement configurations to meet the needs of the store operation in any country.

Suite Integration Suite Integration
eProphet Labor seamlessly integrates employee attendance clockings from the timeclock, employee schedules, daily sales and employee setup (including custom employee payment agreement setup). All of these elements are then used to review, manage and finalise labor data to be uploaded to the administration for payroll processing via Abcom Cloud Services.

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Robust Technology

All eProphet systems are built using the highly acclaimed Microsoft� .NET� framework. The Microsoft� development platform is mature, robust and offers a massive range of advanced components and cutting edge functionality. In addition, adherence to strict Windows� development guidelines ensures that Abcom products offer long, productive life spans; representing a low risk, long term, quality software investment for your business.


Security and Confidentiality

Abcom systems are built with strong security for your peace of mind. All interaction with the system is restricted and logged by user account, configured however you so require. Additionally, all databases, data backups and data transmissions are 128bit encrypted to prevent unauthorised access from the outside.



In addition to all the features above, this system is coupled with powerful out-of-the-box productivity features such as configurable system open and close processes, internal memos, one off and recurring tasks, special event tracking, an operations diary and a whole lot more. It's all part of helping improve and streamline your day to day operations.

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