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eProphet Scheduling Key Features

 Visual Scheduling  Visual Scheduling
Using the advanced schedule preparation interface, shift creation is as simple as drawing a line with the mouse. Created shifts are also easily dragged and reshaped via the mouse exactly as you need with no slow keyboard entry. When it comes to assigning an employee to a shift, there's no need to search through files, only skilled and available employees are displayed as viable options. Furthermore, the number of hours each employee is already scheduled to work that week is displayed too, to help avoid over-scheduling.

Configurability  Configurability 
eProphet Scheduling offers unprecedented configurability. Scheduling areas can be established to reflect the layout and operation of your franchise with each being mappable to one or more individual sales areas for stores that have clear sales activity divides (such as a separate cafe area for example). An unlimited number of schedule roles can be created, each having minimum and optimum skill pools defined by you to assist in store skill level management.

Lockdown Times Lockdown Times
Specific times of the day, per day of the week, can be locked down so that no shift can start, end or have a meal break during those times. This ensures no accidental mistakes are made at the time of schedule preparation that result in losing hands on deck during the busiest times of the day.

Flexible to Change Flexible to Change
Schedule change is inevitable. With the franchised based eProphet Scheduling system, shift managers can quickly and easily find available and skilled employees for shift replacements that cause the least impact on the remaining roster and labor costs.

Employee Roster Employee Roster
eProphet Scheduling allows you to capture and maintain a comprehensive employee roster, capturing such key information as employee skill levels in each store role, standard week to week availability, specific week availability variations and school/public holiday availability variations, employee number of hours/shifts/open & close shift preferences and limits. All of this information goes into schedule preparation to produce schedules that are logical, feasible and improve employee satisfaction.

Powerful Analysis Powerful Analysis
eProphet Scheduling delivers powerful schedule analysis facilities such as the ability to see penalty labor rates on shifts during schedule creation (if the eProphet Labor system is also installed), skills gap analysis to help you review and ensure your skills pool has adequate depth to cover your schedule needs, and schedule review to identify potential schedule issues and over/under utilised employees in the current schedule and over the last several weeks.

Efficiency Efficiency 
Once you have established a working schedule pattern, eProphet Scheduling allows you to easily create a template schedule of it. In addition, you can also re-use previous schedules (invalid/out-of-date employee allocations are captured for you automatically) and also establish standard shifts that will always be inserted so you can guarantee those roles are always filled regardless of how the schedule is created.

Reporting Business Reporting
A comprehensive range of detailed reports are available that capture key totals and indicators; affording you important insight into your scheduling efficiency any week of the year. All scheduling data is retained, allowing meaningful comparison from one schedule to the next and from year to year. 

User Workflow Intuitive User Workflow
Core eProphet functions are always mapped into user guided workflows that help the user perform tasks correctly and completely. Our simple interfaces allow you to reduce ramp up time of franchise store managers on system operations. 

Localisation Flexible Currency and Language
eProphet Scheduling can be configured to handle any currency, language and employee award/agreement configurations to meet the needs of the franchise operation in any country.

Suite Integration Suite Integration
Integration with the eProphet Labor system allows detailed and accurate labor costs, sales per person hour, and average hourly rates for your schedule to be produced on the spot so you can fine tune your schedule to meet your labor cost criteria. eProphet Scheduling can also automatically upload finalised schedules to the eProphet Payroll system via Abcom Cloud Services to allow the payroll administrator to compare actual employee times worked vs the scheduled times when reviewing actual clockings. 

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dot net

Robust Technology

All eProphet systems are built using the highly acclaimed Microsoft� .NET� framework. The Microsoft� development platform is mature, robust and offers a massive range of advanced components and cutting edge functionality. In addition, adherence to strict Windows� development guidelines ensures that Abcom products offer long, productive life spans; representing a low risk, long term, quality software investment for your business.


Security and Confidentiality

Abcom systems are built with strong security for your peace of mind. All interaction with the system is restricted and logged by user account, configured however you so require. Additionally, all databases, data backups and data transmissions are 128bit encrypted to prevent unauthorised access from the outside.



In addition to all the features above, this system is coupled with powerful out-of-the-box productivity features such as configurable system open and close processes, internal memos, one off and recurring tasks, special event tracking, an operations diary and a whole lot more. It's all part of helping improve and streamline your day to day operations.

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