Franchise Timeclock - LabourGuard™ Time clock Overview

Reign in Your Overtime Penalties

The LabourGuard™ time clock is an employee time attendance recording device that incorporates features to avoid unintentional movement into overtime penalty situations that can otherwise so easily occur.

Abcom LabourGuard is the most intelligent, cost-effective Time & Attendance solution available to Australian restaurant operators on the market today.

The LabourGuard Time clock is not just limited to being used only in the QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) industry.

time our most precious resource - control overtime penalties with labourGuard timeclosk system

Expensive Labour Law Compliance Breaches

payroll deed of compliance

Combining an intuitive, touchscreen user interface with our powerful, rules-based Overtime Defence Engine, LabourGuard is both simple for all employees to use, while powerful enough to protect your costs from expensive labour law compliance breaches.

LabourGuard Time clock can be installed and used as a standalone unit in any business or industry that requires a means for accurate clocking in for their staff.

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